About Us

An agile and innovative organization in the field of polymers, Epsan is a manufacturer of high-performance engineering plastics. It offers special solutions to its customers with the compounds of PPA, PBT, PET, PBT/PET, PA/ABS, and PBT/ASA, in particular, Polyamides 6 and 6.6.

Based on its experience of more than 40 years, it manufactures innovative, reliable, efficient, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products in all the industries that touch your life such as electrics, white appliances, defense, agriculture and health, and in particular, automotive.

Focusing on the decrease of carbon emission, lightness, and sustainability, Epsan acts responsibly and sensitively through its qualified human sources and, give particular importance to continuous development through its spirit of innovation. With two production facilities in Turkey and 5 offices and a logistics center abroad, Epsan has a production capacity of 45,000 tons in an enclosed area of 23,000 m2.

It is a solution partner in different industries and applications with various volumes from pilot productions to high tonnages of productions thanks to its double screw extruders ranging from the diameters of 26mm to 70mm and, precise dosing applications in its extensive machine park with state-of-the-art technologies supported by investments in Industry 4.0-compliant infrastructure and automation.


Meeting our customers’ needs for “engineering plastics” within the scope of the continuous improvement philosophy, respecting both people and the environment.


Becoming a globally operating company that submits innovative solutions in the field of “engineering plastics”.

Executive Board

Atilla Efe



Reliability, agility, and innovation are the keywords that define our business.

Bora Efe

Managing Partner


With our qualified workforce, our efficient products and solutions in the polymer industry, we are an agile and innovative solution partner for the main industries such as in automotive, domestic appliances and electronics.

Arda Efe

Managing Partner


Our main focus is on carbon emission, lightness, and sustainability. We have the European leadership in our future projections with the help of our innovative perspective, agility, and appetite for business.

"We care about the sustainability of all resources, we're making eco-friendly choices."